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Buying or selling a business; it’s not something that you do every day. Nor is entering into a partnership or a merger. We can assist and advise you on the acquisition, sale, donation or merger of a business.

A merger or acquisition is recorded in one or more contracts, such as a confidentiality agreement, an agreement of intent and a sale or merger contract.

If you acquire a company or merge with another company, we will investigate it in financial, fiscal and legal terms, in the ‘due diligence’ inquiries. In this way, you will know whether the company meets the requirements you set for it.

If you want to bid for a company or check the asking price, a business evaluation can be useful. We can draft this for you.

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Below services are related to Mergers & acquisitions

If you buy or sell a company, it is important that the agreements are properly recorded. We draft contracts for this, such as a confidentiality agreement, agreement of intent, contract of sale and shareholders’ agreement.

We also conduct legal due diligence inquiries, which includes consideration of potential future claims and long-term liabilities.

Finally, we provide for the conclusion of the transaction, together with the civil-law notary.

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On the acquisition of or merger with a company, you want to obtain an insight into what you are buying or merging with. We give you that insight in the fiscal field by conducting due diligence inquiries. For example, we investigate whether taxes will be owed as a result of the transfer, or whether all the company’s VAT has been declared and paid and whether the company runs a risk of owing extra payroll taxes.

If you take out a loan to finance the acquisition of a company, we ensure that the interest payable on the amount borrowed is deductible from the taxable profit as far as possible.


If you wish to buy or sell a company, it is important to have an insight into its value. In this way, for example, you can form a picture of your negotiating scope.

The evaluation depends on future expectations and the risk profile of the company.

We can advise you on business evaluations, setting up evaluation reports and the assessment of evaluations. See us as your company’s appraiser.

Your financing plan forms the basis for a successful financing application. But where do you start? We can draw up the financing plan for you, on the basis of the merger or acquisition plan.

Together with your company data and the data from your sector, a complete business plan is realised. We will accompany you to talks with potential financiers and naturally, we will assess the offers you receive.

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