Almost every entrepreneur has to deal with property. For example, you may have an extensive property portfolio, or one or two investment properties. Or you may buy or rent a property in which to establish your business. In all these situations, fiscal and legal issues play a role.

If you rent business premises, it is important that the agreements are properly recorded. With property purchases and sales, too, you must be aware of your legal position and will want to know whether you have to pay taxes.

We know the points for attention and which contracts are desirable and can ensure that you do not pay any unnecessary taxes. And we would be happy to advise you on these matters!

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Do I have to sell my business premises with transfer tax and/or VAT, or does an exemption apply? If I buy a company that owns a building, do I also have to pay transfer tax? And if I rent out the building, will that be with or without VAT?

These are just some of the fiscal questions that we are asked about property, which require specific knowledge. We can advise on the purchase, sale or rental of property and explain when and how you can defer taxation.

As a non-profit organisation, you may qualify for various subsidies. We provide the audits of the accompany subsidy accounts, for subsidies from national, provincial and municipal government agencies. We have considerable experience with such audits and can advise you on an adequate design of your administrative organisation and internal business operations, so that you do not face any surprises.

Imagine that you want to buy new business premises. You have a perfect location in mind, but still need financing. Together with you, we determine your financing requirement, advise you on potential financing parties and supervise the quotation process. Because we work with Credion, we also have access to other sources of money, such as crowdfunding, private investors and leasing.

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