Subsidy advice

Subsidy advice can actually result in money. The chance of success does however differ between the very many schemes; the granting of subsidy could be virtually assured, but could also be determined by the drawing lots.

You as an entrepreneur always decide yourself whether or not to apply for a subsidy. You are looking for reliable and wide-ranging advice in this context. Not only about how much you will be able to get, but also how much effort this would take and how certain is it is that you will in the end be granted the subsidy. We rely on our experience, network and sometimes a brief check in advance with the relevant subsidy provider.

“Are you able to do something with this?” We often hear this question and we love to hear it as often as possible. Better ten times too often than once too few. It is important to ask this question as early as possible, if possible in the planning phase.

Activities which you consider to be just a normal part of your work could turn out to be eligible for subsidy, or may become so after certain adjustments, such as engaging a cooperation partner. Ask for a meeting to talk about your business. It will lead to an initial review of potentially applicable schemes. We will then decide in proper consultation whether or not this may lead to something. In this way the question moves from “Are you able to do something with this?” to “Can we do something with this?”.

Jacqueline Steeneveld

Jacqueline Steeneveld

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